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Welcome to Domaines Vinsmoselle. We are delighted to welcome you to our website and we wish you a good discovery of our Luxembourg wines and Crémants. Responsible consumption is as important to us as the quality of our wines and Crémants. Thus, please confirm that you are at least 18 years old or that you have reached the legal minimum age for alcohol consumption in your country.


This article informs about the project VIAVINOLUX, a stage hike along the Moselle river. Guided by Jutta Kanstein.

Fiederwäissen 2018

This article was published on 20 September 2018 @ Luxemburger Wort.

27th edition of the photo contest Art & Vin



Art & Vin #27

Gennaro Taddei, Christophe Mendes et Ramunas Astrauskas have designed the 27th edition artistic series of Domaines Vinsmoselle.

Ambassador Luxembourg's Wines

The valley of the Moselle River offer perfect conditions for viticulture for thousands of years.

Série "Fût de Chêne" - almost sold out

Domaines Vinsmoselle has become more active in organic viticulture.

Traditional conviviality

Domaines Vinsmoselle has invited to their traditional wine tasting in Remerschen's Caves du Sud on 1 Mai.

68th edition of the traditional Proufdag in Remerschen

At 1 mai 2018 the 68th edition of the traditional Proudag took place in the Caves du Sud in  Remerschen.


Victory for Domaines Vinsmoselles and Crémants POLL-FABAIRE at the Concours des Crémants de France et de Luxembourg in Bordeaux!

17 gold medals for Crémants from Luxembourg

Concours National des Crémants 2018

Small country, great wines


Ins richtige Licht setzen

Since August 2015 Patrick Berg is General Manager of the number 1 vine producer in Luxembourg.

Den Weinberg lebn und lieben

Interview with Josy Gloden, the president of Domaines Vinsmoselle.

Traditional Proufdag in Remerschen on 1 May

Domaines Vinsmoselle invite to their traditional Proufdag.

Traditional meeting "Proufdag"

Domaines Vinsmoselle invite you to their traditional wine tasting in Remerschen on 1 Mai.

27. Art & Vin-Serie

Feierliche Präsentation der 27. Art & Vin-Serie von Domaines Vinsmoselle.

Wein und Kunst Eine perfekte Symbiose

ART & VINS 2018 Domaines Vinsmoselle präsentieren außergewöhnliche Weine im
außergewöhnlichen Design.

Mehrfach ausgezeichnet

Domaines Vinsmoselle erhällt Grand Taste Award und FIWA

A breath of fresh air at the Moselle River




1 Minister, 600 visitors and 12 Winners


Il faut refaire le plein

Une meilleure météo, enfin une bonne récolte et des bordures législatives à corriger: voilà les souhaits des vignerons pour la nouvelle année.

Une tradition perpétuée sous le signe de la qualité

Réception de nouvel an 2018 chez Domaines Vinsmoselle

Starke Figuren an der Mosel

New Year Reception

Guide Hachette des Vins 2018

Les vins luxembourgeois dans la cour des grands vins du monde en 2017

Article published in "Meininger's World of Pinot"

Meininger's World of Pinot 

Zuckersüße Rosinen sind klasse

An der Mosel hat die Auxerrois-Strohweinproduktion des Weinjahrgangs 2017 begonnen

Article paru au "Le Quotidien"

Vin de paille: rien que le fruit

Pressing of "vin de paille"

Der neueste Zugang Domaines Vinsmoselle

Article paru au Luxemburger Wort

Découvrons le millésime 2017 avec les primeurs

Article paru au journal Horesca 

Vendange tardive 125 degrés oechsle

Article published in Horesca

Pinot Blanc Enschberg Fût de Chêne

Article ublished in Letzeburger Bauer 01.12.2017

13. Fête des Vins et Crémants

Article published in Letzeburger Bauer  01.12.2017

Article published in "Luxemburger Wort" on 12.09.2017

The Luxemburger Wort describes the first day of the grape harvest in the Mosel Valley at Domaines Vinsmoselle.