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Publié le 24.11.2017

Pinot Blanc Enschberg Fût de Chêne

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The Pinot Blanc ENSCHBERG is the latest addition to the Domaines Vinsmoselle?s product range. The particularity of this white wine is that it has been matured for eight months in wood. As a consequence, the wine has developed new flavour nuances. The ENSCHBERG has nothing in common with a classic barrique. The purpose of the use of our big wooden barrels is to open the wine, exploit all its beautiful savours and enhance the wine overall. This allows the grape to develop its full potential beyond its well known traditional palate. The wine has to have an exceptional high quality in order to be put into a barrel. The Pinot Blanc grapes of the lieu-dit ENSCHBERG fit perfectly. The result is a harmoniously round and complex wine with a great structure which will lead you to enjoy more than just one glass.     

The Label:

The label has been designed by hand. Its concept is meant to take into account the great craftsmanship of our cellar masters. The wooden characteristics have been illustrated in a subtle way by its barrel rings and small details floating and flying around are suggesting a surprisingly crispy wine ready to enjoy.  After all, the wine spent enough time in its barrel to have developed a great aroma. The barrel rings are dancing in the composition of the label and highlight the young generation of this style of wine at Domaines Vinsmoselle. The selected Pantone colour fits this young and fresh appearance of the ENSCHBERG. 

The Grape:

The requirements of the Pinot Blanc vines to the soil and climate are high and demonstrate the relationship to Pinot Noir vines: they all grow best on warm and very deep rich soils on dry-warm exposed vineyards.   

The vineyard: Bech-Kleinmacher ENSCHBERG

The location of the ENSCHBERG vineyard is in proximity to the village of Bech-Kleinmacher, a prime spot on the Southern course of the Moselle River.

There are two types of soils in the Moselle River Valley: our Pinot vines grow south of the city of Remich on Keuper and marl soils. Further down the Moselle River, shell limestone soils become more predominant. The Keuper and marl soil of the ENSCHBERG vineyard is rich in clay and loam, which
heat up slowly in summer  and retain a good deal of moisture.

This type of soil is the basis for rich and full-bodied wines, which are intense in flavour characterised by a fine acid and creamy texture. The intensity of these wines is mostly based on fruity notes and a fat body and less of mineral characteristics.

The cellar master:

We owe this wine to our cellar master team in Wellenstein. Cellar master Matthias Lambert and his team have manufactured this spectacular Pinot Blanc ENSCHBERG in big wooden barrels. The high quality standards of the cooperation?s viniculture have lead regularly to success in international competitions.  


This Grand Premier Cru shows its full potential. It has an elegant nose of exotic fruit, ripe pears and is characterized by woody notes. On the palate, it impresses with its remarkable softness and roundness, aromas of pears, but also the typical Pinot Blanc vanilla and floral notes.
This wine is so distinctive because it is full-bodied and well-balanced at the same time. 
The finish is fresh and of remarkable length. Because of its structured body and its pleasant refreshing acidity, the Pinot Blanc ENSCHBERG is a versatile wine to be served with a wide range of different dishes like seafood, fish, chicken, veal or pork and it pairs excellently as a chilled terrace wine in summer.

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