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    New products!

    Pinot Gris Foulschette and the Riesling ONGKÂF from the product line „fût de chêne“

  • Bouteilles Hachette 2018

    our awarded Wines and Crémants by...

    Like every year, the most important Wine and Crémant Guide, the Guide Hachette, has awarded the best wines and Crémants. Domaines Vinsmoselle is proud to be... +

  • Mundus 750x445pixel

    MUNDUS VINI 2017

    Our winemakers are proud to announce their exceptional result at the MUNDUS VINI 2017 tasting:


    Pinot Gris...

  • DVM eventpicture 1er mai(2)




  • 2018 Apr 29

    Vin Dansant +

  • 2018 May 01
    DVM eventpicture 1er mai

    Proufdag on 1 May 2018 +

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