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Welcome to Domaines Vinsmoselle. We are delighted to welcome you to our website and we wish you a good discovery of our Luxembourg wines and Crémants. Responsible consumption is as important to us as the quality of our wines and Crémants. Thus, please confirm that you are at least 18 years old or that you have reached the legal minimum age for alcohol consumption in your country.

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Domaines Vinsmoselle is continuing its commitment to sustainable viticulture and responsible cooperatives, and has been awarded the FAIR'N GREEN label.

Domaines Vinsmoselle, a century-old Luxembourg wine cooperative, is committed to a global approach to sustainable development.
The wine co-operative has realised that sustainability is not just a trend, but a fundamental responsibility to ensure the long-term sustainability of its wine production. The cooperative's concept of sustainability encompasses various aspects, including environmentally-friendly growing methods, resource-efficient production techniques and social measures that promote the well-being of the community.

Why sustainability?
The choice of sustainability is based on the cooperative's deep understanding of the current challenges facing the wine industry and the environment. By using innovative methods in viticulture, such as minimising the use of plant protection products, promoting biodiversity and using renewable energy, the cooperative is helping to minimise its ecological impact.
A sustainable wine for the future
Domaines Vinsmoselle is delighted to be able to offer its customers a wine that is convincing not only for its quality and taste, but also for its sustainable production process. The cooperative is inviting wine lovers to share in this sustainable journey and contribute to an environmentally friendly and socially responsible future.
By taking this step, Domaines Vinsmoselle is setting a milestone in the Luxembourg wine sector and demonstrating that sustainability and viticulture can go hand in hand. The cooperative is convinced that this investment in the future will not only have a positive impact on the environment and the local community, but will also promote long-term economic success and customer loyalty.

Given the structure of the cooperative, which has 170 members and a surface area of around 600 hectares, Domaines Vinsmoselle has therefore decided to call on the support of FAIR'N GREEN to successfully meet these challenges.

The choice of this certification body was made for several well-considered reasons:
1. developed by winegrowers for winegrowers: FAIR'N GREEN was developed by winegrowers for winegrowers, which guarantees an objective perspective and compliance with the needs of the sector.
2. Holistic approach to sustainability: FAIR'N GREEN takes a holistic approach to sustainability, going beyond environmental aspects to include social and economic dimensions.
3. Demand for sustainable products: consumers' new concern for sustainably produced food makes FAIR'N GREEN certification not only an ethical choice, but also a reactive adaptation to market demand.
4. self-explanatory labelling: the FAIR'N GREEN label is clear and understandable, making it easy to communicate and market these sustainable viticulture methods.

Another decisive factor in choosing FAIR'N GREEN was the support process. Ongoing development and advice are essential for our winegrowers. The structure of the cooperative requires gradual change, and FAIR'N GREEN gives us the time we need to gently adapt both our winegrowers and the cooperative.