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Béni and VIGNUM: a fusion of flavors to discover

Restaurant Béni
Restaurant Béni Windhof x Domaines Vinsmoselle
VIGNUM Pinot Blanc Bech-Kleinmacher Enschberg

Welcome to Béni Restaurant in Koerich, a young culinary address that promises an authentic gastronomic journey. Led by the Italo-Brazilian chef and owner Stephano Crupi, the restaurant combines simplicity and elegance in every dish.

Where "Food is Life" - Stéphano CRUPI

From childhood, Stephano has been immersed in the culinary world, thanks to his grandmother. At the age of 17, he embarked on a gastronomic journey, studying at the Albegueira school in Italy before refining his skills in Courchevel, France. His culinary journey continued with rewarding experiences at Alex Atala's famous D.O.M. restaurant in Brazil. In Curitiba, he held the position of sous-chef before finding his roots in Luxembourg, where he quickly became a valued member of the team at the Michelin-starred Clairefontaine restaurant.

In 2022, he decided to create Béni, his first own restaurant. His cuisine focuses on high-quality ingredients and laidback service, inspired by the beauty of life, elegance and comfort. For him and his team, cooking is like spinning a delicate tale of aromas, colors, flavors and textures, to delight everyone's palate.

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As part of our Chef of the Month highlight, you'll be able to discover all May long the turbot, lard de colonnata, tapioca and beet, an exquisite creation paired with our VIGNUM Pinot Blanc Bech-Kleinmacher Enschberg Fût de Chêne. This Grand Premier Cru reveals enchanting aromas of exotic fruits, ripe pears, and subtle woody notes from the first nose. In mouth, its remarkable smoothness and roundness enchant the senses, giving way to vanilla and floral nuances characteristic of a high-quality Pinot Blanc.

Perfectly balanced, this wine seduces with its freshness and exceptional length, enhancing each bite of the dish. Ideal with seafood, fish, veal, pork, or poultry dishes, VIGNUM Pinot Blanc Bech-Kleinmacher Enschberg Oak Barrel offers an unforgettable taste experience.

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